Solyanka- A Sweet and Sour Peasant Soup

Salad Olivier

Beef Stroganoff, House Made Noodles, Root Vegetables and Cabbage

Russian Teacakes

$28.00 per person

Russia has a very peasant cuisine that is, in some ways, like our recent Poland trip menu. However, a great portion of the huge mass of land is much colder than Poland so the cuisine is even more focused on hearty winter produce. For the most part, Russia is very poor and uses inexpensive cuts of meat, and is as “meat and potatoes” as any cuisine in the world. One luxury the country’s bounty does provide is a huge population of Wild Sturgeon and Salmon which Russians crave for their amazing roe (Caviar) which is always served at weddings and major celebration events. The fish itself is usually smoked to preserve them and is another luxury item. For this dinner, we are avoiding both due to cost. Russians, though mostly poor, know how to celebrate better than any culture on Earth! Their drink of choice is great Vodka and at weddings and other celebrations, French Champagne and Cognac is added as their climate is mostly unsuitable to grapes. That said, there is no beverage pairing with this dinner as you can choose your Vodka of choice and serve it ice cold from the freezer.

Curated Playlist by Dave Lawson

Films To Watch

  • Anna Karenina (1935, Director: Clarence Brown)
  • Doctor Zhivago (1965, Director: David Lean)
  • Leviathan (2014, Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev