Three Cats serves American-style cuisine in the form of small plates. Created by Mary Liz Curtin and the late Matt Prentice, Three Cats brings magical menus and delightful dishes to life in a modern and engaging space. The space includes a greeting card shop as well as Michigan and Detroit merchandise.

Three Cats History

Three Cats is located in the historic Clawson Theater, right next to Leon & Lulu, the quirky retail store housed in the former Ambassador Roller RInk. The husband and wife team Stephen Scannell and Mary Liz Curtin, are delighted to have turned the 1941 entertainment district of Clawson into an award winning destination shopping and dining experience like no other.

Before Three Cats came to be, stood the Clawson Theater in its prime. Serving as entertainment for the people of Clawson and beyond.

What once showed films until 1962 is now serving delicious meals and a wide variety of drinks for patrons to enjoy. Step inside for shopping, cocktails, and a delightful ambiance.