The Bees In The D Dinner

Wednesday, June 8 starting at 6pm

Bees In The D Dinner

A Delightful Dinner Dedicated to Our Pollinators Honey Themed Plates & Cocktails Wednesday, June 8 at 6PM

First Course Honey Dew Salad with Chartreuse Vinaigrette (pairs with Pollinator Prelude)

Second Course Honey Beet Hive Heirloom Beet Stack (pairs with Hive 75)

Third Course Honey Tumeric Pork Tenderloin (Pairs with Honey Blossom) Or Turnip Scallops with a Honey Dressing

Dessert Baklava (pairs Queen’s Cocktail)

95.00 per person 30.00 of your ticket directly benefits Bees In The D