This menu is what we are serving this weekend…Until all your friends and neighbors get here first and order it all for themselves.

Brunch is served Saturdays & Sundays from 10a-3p.

V = Vegetarian | VE = Vegan | GF = Gluten Free |

* = Can be modified to accommodate dietary restrictions


Muffin – Double chocolate (GF) -or- Blueberry Banana (VE) 4

Bagel – Plain or Everything, Side of Boursin & Berry Preserves 5

Matt’s Mom’s Coffee Cake (V) – Matt’s Mom’s Recipe, Walnut Streusel, Brown Sugar Drizzle 8

Soups & Salads

Tomato Soup – Italian Style Spices & Herbs, Creme Fraiche (V) (VE*) (GF) 9

Matt’s Exotic Mushroom Soup – with Chive Creme (V) (GF) 9

Soup Du Jour – Ask Your Server About Our Daily Soup 9

Tour of Three Soups – A Portion of Each Soup 10

Caesar Salad – Romaine, Caesar, Parmesan, Anchovy, Crouton, Caesar Dressing (GF*) 15

Mushroom Salad – Greens, Exotic Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, Pickled Onion (V*)(VE*)(GF*) 15

Smoked Salmon Pinsa – Boursin, Capers, Pickled Onion, Sunny Egg, Micro Greens, House Smoked Salmon 22


Quiche (V) – Eggs, Ham, Cream, Gruyere, Spinach, Side Salad of Strawberries, Mixed Greens, Parmesan, Lemon Vinaigrette 19

Ranchero Tostada (V*, VE*,GF) – Avocado Mousse, Guajillo, Chorizo, Refried Beans, Roasted Corn and Bell Peppers, Served with a Sunny Side Up Egg 18 (Make it Vegan with Vegan Chorizo and Just Eggs – add 2)

Steak and Eggs (GF) – Piedmontese Flat Iron Steak, Two Eggs, Three Cats Hash 25

Three Cats Benedict – House Cured Lox, Everything Bagel, Two Poached Eggs, Boursin Buerre Blanc, Fresh Fruit 18

Crab Cake Benedict – Lump Crab Cakes, Asparagus, Two Poached Eggs, Three Cats’ Hash, Roasted Red Pepper Buerre Blanc 22

French Toast (V) – Corn Flake Crusted and Crispy Fried Brioche, Fresh Berries, Powdered Sugar, Pure Maple Syrup 15

Buttermilk Pancakes (V) – Fresh Berries, Powdered Sugar, Pure Maple Syrup 16

I Could Cook This at Home (GF) – Two Eggs, Hash Potatoes, Choice of Meat or Fruit 14

a la carte sides – Thick Cut Bacon 7, Pork Sausage Paty 6, Chicken Sausage Link 6, Ham 5, Three Cats Hash Potatoes 6, One Egg 3, Everything Bagel 5, Sourdough or Rye Toast with Butter and Jam 3, English Muffin 5

Brunch Cocktails

Malibu’s Most Wanted – Bumbu Rum, Chinola Passionfruit Liqueur, Pistachio Orgeat, Miso Simple, Lime Juice 15

Black Snake Moan – Villon Congac, Angostura di Amaro, Lemon, Orange, Sparkling Wine 13

Passion in Paradise – Bumbu XO Rum, Two James Coffee Liqueur, Doctor Bird’s Rum, Rich Coconut Syrup, Passionfruit Compound, Lime Juice, Ango+Plum Bitters, Vanilla Extract 16

Three Cats Bloody Mary – House Made Herbacious Mix with Accoutrements 13

Mimosa – Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, Champagne 9

Some Like it Hot – Chinola, Passionfruit Liqueur, Cazadores Reposado, Damiana Liqueur, Lime Juice, Habanero Bitters 14

Kittens – Sized Down for the Kiddos

Pancakes – Buttermilk Hot Cakes with Berries, Powdered Sugar, Syrup and Choice of Meat or Fruit 10

French Toast – Corn Flake Crusted & Crispy Fried Brioche, Fresh Berries, Powdered Sugar, Maple Syrup and Choice of Meat or Fruit 10

Eggs Scrambled Egg, Hash Potatoes and Choice of Meat or Fruit 10

*Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, shellfish,  seafood or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.